Rose Rabbit

Butterscotch Liqueur

NZ$ 133.00

41% ABV


Product Overview

Summer 2020 batch now available.

Small batch and hand-crafted from a secret family recipe, Rose Rabbit Butterscotch Liqueur is decadently sweet, with toasty, buttery notes,

married with robust Cardrona Single Malt. 

Halloween Highball


25ml the reid Single Malt Vodka

50ml Half and Half

25ml Cold Brew Coffee

25ml Rose Rabbit Butterscotch Liqueur


Glass: Highball

Method: Add all ingredients (apart from the half and half) to a glass and fill with ice. Give the half and half a quick whisk or shake before pouring slowly into the glass with the other ingredients to layer.

Garnish: Marshmallow Ghost

Butterscotch & Cider Highball


30ml Rose Rabbit Butterscotch Liqueur

100ml Aspall Cider

10ml *Vanilla Cinnamon Syrup

* Split 1 vanilla pod : 2 cinnamon sticks, in equal parts sugar and water on a low heat until incorporated and tastes sweet and spicy. Strain and bottle



Glass: Highball

Method: Mix all ingredients together on a low heat for a winter warmer!

Garnish: Cinnamon stick

Butterscotch Lebowski


45ml Rose Rabbit butterscotch liqueur

30ml shot of espresso

Topped with milk

Garnish with a cinnamon stick


Built over ice

Butterscotch Sublime


45ml Rose Rabbit Butterscotch Liqueur

Freshly squeezed lime quarter


Built over ice