Private Casks

It is a proud tradition that many distilleries offer casks for private filling each year. The Cardrona Distillery is carrying on this fine tradition by offering a small number of casks for filling with new make spirit that will mature into the single malt whisky. 

Each Private Cask is personalised to its purchaser’s taste.

Whether you prefer fresh, floral, vanilla notes, or the aromas and flavour of dried fruit, orange and spices, The Cardrona Distillery will help you to choose a cask to match your taste preferences.

After the creation of Cardrona spirit, the selection of the cask makes the single biggest contribution to the natural colours, aromas and flavours of a whisky. The casks are hand-picked from sherry-makers in Spain, craftsmen bourbon distilleries in the United States and local Central Otago wineries in New Zealand. They come in three sizes – a 500 litre “butt” or a 200 litre “barrel” or a 230 litre “barrique”.

“Private Cask owners purchase something unique. Together we will allow time to work a magic based on pure alpine water, rich malted barley, traditional copper stills and oak casks that reflect the owners preference for colour, flavours, notes and aromas.”
- Desiree Whitaker

Private Casks will be filled on a date agreed with the Cask Owner with purchasers invited to the distillery on this special day to witness the filling ceremony. Casks will then be stored in the distillery’s warehouse where they will be looked after for their sleep of a minimum of ten years.

The details of everyone involved in the creation of the whisky, from the source and variety of the barley, to the distillery’s whisky-maker who makes the spirit, monitors its development and who finally approves its release to the bottle, will be recorded in a Private Casks’ logbook given to the Private Cask Owner.

After the initial ten years, and once your Single Malt is ready you will be contacted to see if you wish to proceed with bottling your Cardrona or if you want it to mature further to a maximum of 21 years. You will then have the pleasure of enjoying, sharing or gifting this landmark bottling.


If you wish to learn more about this unique opportunity please contact the Cardrona team directly on 03 443 1393 or email us using the form on this page.